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when the evidence of our wounds was reborn as petals...


The “evidence” series deals with the re/construction of spaces out of re/ memory and the ephemeral quality of memory when applied to a tangible object such as the landscape. We move on through history with our man- made efforts to forget but the land remains. The photos were all taken on St. Martin and seek to illustrate a moment that is fleeting like the tickle of a memory in waiting.

The images of the red flowers of the Flambouyant Tree carry with them an inherent beauty as well as a past that includes rebellion, revolt, and emancipation. The land for me is a keeper, a witness to the events that occur/ed on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. It is silent. It is strong. It is both the site of trauma and healing.

The Caribbean reality carries with is a constantly evolving dichotomy of opposites that coexist daily. Beauty and tragedy live together in an uneasy harmony but together, nonetheless.

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