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me/self is a play on the vernacular speech of the island of St. Martin and other islands within the Caribbean. It describes a certain kind of ownership of one’s being and actions. Of being unapologetic in taking up space and daring anyone to move you. Even though these images are subtle, their quietness pays homage to the silent resistance of women whose blood flows in my veins. They have created an outer circle of protection and an inner-space for nurturing the emergence of me/self.
It is not a selfish space but a collective of me that becomes we.
These self-portraits are a part of a coming of age.
A coming to terms with my body and relating to its frailty and its strength.
Allowing the viewer to see exactly what I want them to see.
To define me for me
and then to share
what is

This is a simulated view of a three channel video installation.

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