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Intertidal Imaginaries: The Resistant Geographies of the Shore(coast) in the Aftermath of Saltwater(storm) surges

2024- 2021

“Deborah Jack explores the shoreline of the (is)land as a liminal space. The fluidity of the water as it interacts with the shore and the lines that are created by that encounter as well as the temporal quality of those lines. Climate change has caused the warming of the oceans which has led to hurricanes that are more explosive in strength, last longer and storm surges that push further inland. The work engages ongoing questions that serve as a point of departure: Does water have memory? What is the resonance when the water and the land connect? If the hurricane is a natural memorial to the Middle Passage, a haunting. How can we re-imagine altered shoreline during the storm surge? The invasion of salt water beyond the shore. The merging of fresh and salt water bodies and the ecologies in-between that struggle to survive."

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