Current Exhibition

Deborah Jack: 20 Years

September 23- February 12, 2022 (extended)

Pen and Brush

29 East 22nd Street, New York, NY

New York, New York

Caribbean, Gardener/

cultivating the archipelago

ASAP Journal

Small Axe: Issue 64

what is the value of water if it doesn’t quench our thirst for . . . 

Mare Incognitum / Unknown Sea: Deborah Jack Interviewed by Jessica Lanay

"By absenting the body, she allows the minerals that sustain and end it, and the weather that nourishes and threatens it, to rewrite both their own histories as well as the body."- J. Lanay

About Evidence: A Conversation between Deborah Jack & Patricia Ortega-Miranda


inaugural interview as part of the Now Be Here Guest Curator Initiative

Installation photo by  Birdie Piccininni for Pen + Brush